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Géolocalisation désactivée

Du 26 au 28 Août 2012

Vernissage : 26 Août @ 17h00

Ja ! Line Francillon

Catégorie :

45 Loiret

et Jean-Baptiste Bouvet, artiste invité

Organisé par :

La Mire

Co-organisé avec :

Lage Berlin / Summer Display #01

Adresse :

Danzigerstr. 145. 10407 - Berlin

Plus d'infos

In residency in Berlin invited by la mire, and hosted at LAGE BERLIN, Line Francillon present some of her recent work, carried out mostly in the context of the city of Berlin. These works are often foliations of drawing, photography and video. They evoke “infrathin” * structures between plan and space, made of stratifications of light, surfaces and temporalites. On this occasion she invites the french artist based in Berlin Jean-Baptiste Bouvet, who echoes these concerns.

* Term used by Marcel Duchamp