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Deadline : 31 Jan 2017

IdeasCity Arles (art, activism, design, technology, and urbanism)

IdeasCity Arles—the next edition of the New Museum’s platform that explores the future of cities with arts and culture as driving forces—will take place May 22–27, 2017. The weeklong residency program invites emerging practitioners working at the intersection of art, activism, design, technology, and urbanism.

IdeasCity Arles will culminate in a high-profile public conference on May 27, 2017, featuring conversations, critiques, artist talks, and presentations by the Fellows and an array of critically-acclaimed speakers whose work interrogates the cultural forces that define our cities.

Building on discussions initiated in Detroit and Athens, IdeasCity will continue in Arles by inviting international Fellows to participate in its immersive and collaborative residency program, where they will create and nourish provocative cultural strategies for practical implementation. Participation in the residency program is determined by an open submission process, and 40 to 50 applicants will be selected as Fellows by an international panel of artists and curators.

IdeasCity Arles will work in partnership with both public and private local and regional contributors and Atelier LUMA, developed by LUMA Arles, to address the opportunities and challenges of urban reconstruction. The week-long residency program will be structured around workshops, site visits, lectures, and discussions with experts, including artists, designers, policymakers, and community members. As in Detroit and Athens, Fellows will live and work together on-site, providing an opportunity for intense collaboration, creativity, and learning. Arles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site set within a natural wetland reserve, is the largest rural commune in France. In Arles, IdeasCity will seed the development of strategies and projects designed to tackle key issues distinct to the region—from industrial production to transportation to the local food economy. IdeasCity Arles will collaborate with Salon International du Patrimoine du Pays D’Arles, an exhibition and conference focusing on international heritage restoration and preservation.

Applications will be accepted from December 13, 2016 until January 31, 2017; candidates will be informed of their application status in February 2017. IdeasCity Arles will require a full-time commitment from May 22–27, 2017, in exchange for which each Fellow will receive an honorarium. IdeasCity Arles will provide housing and food.