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Deadline : 30 Avr 2017

Artangel Everywhere

Artangel Everywhere is an open call for new ideas.

Artangel Everywhere is an open call for transformational projects.

For the first time, we invite people internationally to submit their most ambitious idea.

Shifting our focus from physical location to networked space, we will commission and produce a major project that can be experienced anywhere in the world.

The deadline for submissions is 30 April. We invite you to share your unstoppable idea for a worldwide experience, wherever you are.


Artangel Everywhere

Over the past two decades, through a number of open calls, Artangel has invited UK-based artists to share ambitious ideas to transform the cultural landscape. The resulting commissions have been ground-breaking works in performance, film, installation, and radio, each situated in an unexpected place in the UK: beneath a mountain in Scotland; on a much-quarried island off the Dorset coast; at the site of a confrontation in Yorkshire between striking miners and mounted police.

In 2017, we are shifting the focus from physical location to networked space to commission and produce a major project that can be experienced anywhere in the world.

Submit an Idea

  • Open for submissions: 1 March 2017
  • Deadline: 30 April 2017
  • Interview date for shortlisted proposals: 6 June 2017

Before submitting your idea, please read the Selection Criteria and the Terms and Conditions. These will help make your application less likely to be disqualified.

Once you are ready, fill in the form below, also available here. If you have any problems completing or submitting the form, please contact Artangel on the number or email in the footer of this website.

Judging Panel

  • James Bridle is an artist and writer based in Greece. In 2012, Artangel commissioned James to respond to year-long project A Room for London. He launched A Ship Adrift, a sister ship to the one Fiona Banner and David Kohn perched on top of the Southbank Centre. His recent work includes Cloud Index, the 2016 Serpentine Galleries Digital Commission.
  • Charmian Griffin is responsible for Artangel’s online programme. She also produces web projects for artists and arts organisations, teaches art criticism, and writes on art and technology.
  • Jemima Kiss is a journalist based in San Francisco. She graduated from Dartington College of Arts and has been reporting on technology and media online since 2002. She worked for 10 years at the Guardian, and was Head of Technology from 2013 — 2016.
  • James Lingwood has been Co-Director of Artangel since 1991. In addition to his work for Artangel, he curates occasional museum exhibitions including surveys of Vija Celmins, Susan Hiller, Juan Muñoz, and Thomas Struth.
  • Michael Morris has been Co-Director of Artangel since 1991. In addition to his work for Artangel, he has developed and presented several works by Pina Bausch, Robert Lepage, Laurie Anderson, and Robert Wilson. He is an Artistic Advisor to the Manchester International Festival, 14-18 NOW, Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center in Long Island, and is on the board of The Longplayer Trust.

Selection Criteria

Judges will longlist ideas by evaluating them against the following criteria:

  • The idea is compelling and innovative.
  • The project is of an ambition comparable to past Artangel commissions.
  • The project is designed to be experienced more or less anywhere in the world and takes on this brief with creativity and originality.

Terms and Conditions


  • By submitting an idea to Artangel Everywhere, you commit to producing this work with Artangel if you are selected. Please do not submit an idea if, for example, personal circumstances would not allow you to produce it, or if the work is already in production with another organisation.
  • By submitting an idea to Artangel Everywhere, you agree to allow Artangel to publish anonymised data such as geographical location and select keywords from your submission. We will not reveal ideas in full, nor identify applicants without explicit permission.
  • You also agree to the private storage of your submission by Artangel. You can request its removal at any point after the selected project is announced. The monitoring data you may have given in the Optional Information section will be anonymised and stored separately.


  • Submissions must be made by 23:59:59 GMT 30 April 2017.
  • The individual submitting the idea or at least one representative of the group, if submitting as a collective, should ideally be available for interview in person in London between 09:00 and 18:00 GMT 6 June 2017. Alternatively, the individual or representative must be available and equipped for an online video interview this day.
  • All applicants will be contacted regarding the status of their application by the end of June 2017.
  • The final selected project will go into production immediately after the winner is announced. We aim to deliver this project in 2018.


  • Submissions must be written in English.
  • Some fields on the form are mandatory. The form rules prevents you submitting your idea if you do not fill in these fields. Prompts to help you understand what to put in each section are available if you mouseover or click each field.
  • Applicants can be based anywhere in the world, but should be able to travel to the UK a number of times throughout the production cycle and must be proficient in English. These requirements are to enable you to work efficiently on your project with Artangel who are a London-based organisation.
  • Applicants must not be in full-time education.
  • Applicants must be over 18.
  • Direct family members of Artangel employees and those of the judging panel are not entitled to apply.
  • Previous Artangel Open winners may not apply, but if you have been longlisted or shortlisted previously, you may enter Artangel Everywhere with a new idea.
  • Projects must be entirely your own work. Any other creative works, including those out of legal copyright, that are referenced or quoted in your submission must be clearly credited.

Judging Process

  • All submissions will be screened to ensure they are eligible immediately after the deadline.
  • The eligible submissions, with identifying information removed, will then be provided to each member of the judging panel individually.
  • The judges will evaluate submissions using the Selection Criteria to each create a longlist which they submit individually by a certain date. They are then enabled to see which submissions the other judges have longlisted.
  • They will then collectively produce a shortlist, at which stage they will be able to consult the names and website addresses provided by the longlisted applicants.
  • On or around 16 May, the shortlisted individuals or collectives will be invited for interview via the email address provided. If no reply is received within 48 hours, this invitation will be considered forfeited and another idea will be shortlisted in its stead.
  • On or around 7 June, all shortlisted and interviewed individuals and collectives will be informed whether their idea has been selected to proceed to production with Artangel or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

There is no charge to enter.

Do you have to be an artist to apply?

Anyone can apply. You do not have to define or be mainly employed in activities as an artist, but we ask that you be a professional in the field relevant to your application whether this be visual art, dance, computer science, literature, or any other discipline. We also ask that you be committed to seeing the idea you submit through to completion.

What happens if I enter?

When you complete the form you will be emailed a copy of your submission for your records. Your submission is stored online until the application deadline when it will be exported anonymised along with all other submissions. These submissions are viewed by each judge and longlisted individually, the judges then collaborate to create a shortlist. Shortlisted applicants are invited in for an interview with the judging panel, and following this process, at least one submission will be selected to be taken through to production. All entries will be stored by Artangel privately. We may also publish anonymised data from the applications, for example geographical information and inclusion of a set of keywords, abstracted to show the breadth of applications. Artangel make no claim to any rights implicated in your submission and the submission itself remains your intellectual property.

What happens if I am longlisted?

You will not know that your idea was longlisted until after the successful proposal has been publicly announced. We will email all longlisted applicants to let them know they were longlisted. If you elected to have your idea shared publicly, it might be added to our website and shared on social media, as were the longlists of 2014 and 2013. You can at any point request that your idea be removed from our website.

What happens if I am shortlisted?

If your proposal is shortlisted, between 16 and 22 May, you will be invited to meet the judging panel on 6 June. You will be asked to present your idea in person, and can bring along supporting material if you wish to, but the emphasis will be on meeting the panel and presenting and discussing the idea.

What happens if my idea is successful?

You will receive an email from Artangel announcing that your proposal has been commissioned. We will then discuss the public announcement of this with you.

How will the selected project be funded?

Artangel will commit up to £100,000 towards production costs and will seek further partnership funding as necessary.

Why are you judging this open name blind?

All proposals will be longlisted name blind. For Artangel, the core idea itself is by far the most important factor when commissioning. We want to avoid any unconscious bias determined by identity and also to persuade people who might not otherwise enter to do so.

Why have you requested anonymised biographies?

We ask everyone to tell us a bit more about their background as it helps give context to the idea. Viewing a submission from someone who, for example, describes themselves as a novelist, would help us to better understand its intention.

Can I begin my submission, save it, and finish it later?

No. To ensure your work is not lost due to connectivity issues or similar, please write up your idea on your own backed-up document and paste over into the form when you are ready to submit it. There are only three fields — Summary, More about your project, and More about your background — which require creative input so we hope that this process isn’t too arduous.

Artangel’s administrative offices are in London. Will I need to relocate there if I my project is selected?

No. Artangel regularly produces projects whose creative teams are not based in London.