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Appel permanent : CACB, Contemporary Art Center in Budapest

The CACB artists’ residence programs are now open for artists (Artists-in-Residence program) and curators (Curators-in-Residence program) year round.

The duration of residencies is from 1 week to 6 months (other periods by special request only). The number if artists/curators resident at one time is two. Art projects can take various forms in many disciplines:

– Visual Art
– Sculpture
– Ceramics
– Performing Arts
– Textile Art
– New Media
– Animation
– Printmaking
– Curatorial

Artists/curators come to CACB through an application process. The applicants are expected to present a project plan in accordance with the residency time. The main selection criterion will be the quality of proposal.

The created artwork will be showed to the public in the CACB gallery at the end of the Residency program. The resident is encouraged to participate to exhibitions, artistic talks and screenings, open studios, workshops, seminars during his/her stay.

The CACB facility consists of two accommodation spaces, one large common studio, an exhibition space, and a lounge which facilitates exchange between participating artists/curators and project members.

The fees vary upon the duration of the residency:

– 1 week 200 €
– 2 weeks 300 €
– 1 month 500 €
– 3 months 1300 €

CACB is a privately managed and operated art institution. The cost of using the facilities, travel and living expenses, and materials expenses are solely the responsibility of the artist. CACB cannot offer any form of financial support.

Feel free to contact CACB if you require further information.

CACB also facilitates introductions, discussions and presentations with contemporary art galleries, local artists as well as cultural organisations. This approach benefits the artist/curator well beyond the residency period, often leading to further opportunities.